Wanzi Haocheng Grand Hotel's luxurious KTV utilizing the OPRA-acoustics K 7.1 entertainment system t

Luxurious decoration of the KTV allows customers to feel the passion for singing!

The OPRA-acoustics team and Wanzi Haocheng Hotel have started friendly cooperation since 2013, during which period maintenance and system update services have been carried out regularly.

We believe that Wanzi Haocheng Hotel has a professional audio control team. They have certain requirements for the KTV system, and they need to meet the normal use of 60 luxurious KTV rooms at the same time.

"Fortunately, customers are always full of excitement and enthusiasm for the luxurious KTV system. They are willing to sing their favorite songs in an environment with gorgeous decoration and comfortable sound field."

——Sound Controller of Wanzi Haocheng Hotel

    have it doneThe sound field of each room minimizes mutual interference, which is what we hope to achieve.

So when the hotel started to build and decorate in the early stage, we had already communicated with the Wanzi Haocheng Hotel team that we needed to do acoustic treatment. We used cotton-filled suction panels to reduce the reverberation in the room, and selected special material decoration panels to increase the sound insulation effect. In addition to setting up adapted KTV sound systems for different rooms, we also pay attention to the design of environmental sound.

A good sound field is inseparable from mutual encouragement and cooperation between the two parties. This is a pleasant sound KTV system cooperation project.


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