The enthusiastic cheers of AlXCLUB evoke sincere appreciation from the OPRA-acoustics team!

With the rhythm of the bass speakers, the road to joy is open!


AlXCLUBSi wine opened in May 2019,The immersive experience effect makes people feel as if they are in another world. With the combination of sound and light, it once portrayed an illusory scene that only existed in dreams.

This time the OPRA-acoustics team used the M-1 bass system in the bass design, with a 15-inch line array, which uses Powersoft's digital power amplifier X8, a total of 64 channels of speaker system output, through acoustic software design, the average decibel sound field Let customers feel similar sound pressure levels in different bar areas, and feel more passionate in vibrant scenes through sound.

M1 SUB 4.jpg

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