OPRA-acoustics adds entertainment power to 107Club party room!

107 Party Room, a space for music and entertainment

    For the party room of 107Club, the OPRA-acoustics team hoped that it would be a space that provides music and entertainment, and is specially designed for parties and social activities.

    BAR 1A high-quality audio experience requires high-quality speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers to ensure that music can spread throughout the room and bring powerful sound to the party.

    we valueSurround sound effect, in order to create an immersive audio experience, we will consider setting up a surround sound system in the party room, a multi-channel speaker setup. This will allow the music and sound effects to surround the listeners from multiple directions, bringing them more immersive feeling,

Add depth and layers to the music, allowing party room participants to experience more realistic sound effects.

“Besides the sound system, the lighting effect is also an important factor in creating the atmosphere of the party room.OPRA-acoustics teamAs an audio equipment team, excellent audio performance and our lighting team jointly program these lights to be synchronized with the music, creating exciting visual effects and enhancing the auditory and visual sensory enjoyment of the party room. "

——107Club DJ Jack

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