OPRA-acoustics helps Guangzhou Hehui Hot Spring Hotel successfully open

The excellent units provide comfortable music for the banquet hall

The OPRA-acoustics team provided a comfortable and clear sound reinforcement system for the Confluence Hotel.

In the spacious banquet space, we used scene modeling and acoustic simulation software in the early stage to calculate that each speaker unit is under reasonable sound pressure and frequency control, so thatGet a uniform sound pressure experience in the whole venue.

Hotel 宴会厅 合汇温泉酒店.jpg

Our sound system engineers hope that when customers come to a high-end hotel for a dinner party, they can experience a pleasant dining experience through clear, transparent, and loud background music. At the same time, consider that this set of eight The channel surround sound field design can also satisfy the warm atmosphere of the audience.

"At the beginning, the OPRA-acoustics team hoped to place all the speakers in the W-2 series line array at the front screen, but later, considering the customer's demand for a beautiful environment and measuring the application of the ambient space sound field in the sound reinforcement functionality of the audio system, It is arranged to separate the loudspeakers so as to not only provide the banquet hall with the aesthetic feeling of the sound reinforcement system visually, but also use the DSP digitalAmplifier LA8 operates the effect of multi-channel surround sound field. "

——Cheng JianDong, Sound Reinforcement System Designer


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